Learning is a journey.

Coursabi ensures growth at each milestone for everyone on your team.

Coursabi: Learn Better.

Trainers Love Coursabi

Learning journey

The Coursabi Learning Journey is customized for each user based on assigned or elective content, and includes progress and completion tracking.

Multiple modality support

Coursabi handles all media types and supports event management for instructor-led training.

Content authoring

Quickly create eLearning, documents, and forms to support learning from inception through proficiency and virtual instructor-led training.

Actionable dashboards and reports

Stay up-to-date with dashboards for real-time access to critical information, and custom reports provide deeper analysis at any time.

Compliance and certification tracking

Manage internal and external learning certifications and leverage digital signatures and certification codes for proper tracking.

The Learning Journey Never Ends

Coursabi is designed to support a learning journey that fosters growth and opportunity at each milestone for everyone on your team.

Learners Love Coursabi

Modern user interface

Coursabi is a modern platform that has an easy-to-use interface, intuitive features, and supports both formal and informal learning.

Community collaboration

Includes a fully interactive digital community for setting up group channels for live chat, posting content, and group interactions.

All their training materials in one place

Courses, documents, forms, audio, video, community support, and event details… keeping their learning journey on-track all in one place.

Successful Organizations Use Coursabi

Coursabi has helped small companies and large enterprises in various industries keep their teams compliant, happy, and successful.

IT Departments Love Coursabi

Enterprise technology

Coursabi is built on a cloud-based, secure, high-performing, and scalable architecture leveraging .NET and Blazor on AWS for seamless integration.

Device agnostic

The Coursabi user interface is designed to be mobile-first and seamlessly runs on any device and any screen size for complete mobility.


Easily integrates with single sign-on providers. Support for OKTA is included out of the box.

Enterprise grade security

Coursabi security is certified by an independent third party. And Coursabi will also integrate with your SSO provider.

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